May Flowers!

Hi everyone!


Happy May! While summer remains my favorite season, there is something about the promise of what is to come and the blossoming of all around us that is so lovely.

We have now been in our new house for a month, which I can hardly believe, but we are finally settling in. All I need to do now is put some paintings on the walls and it will truly feel like home. We spend so much time in our yard now, as that was one thing we didn’t have before -- a big yard, which we always longed for. There is some green space behind with many rabbits for our dog to bark at!

I was slightly derailed from work last week when I came down with a bit of a cold (toddlers and daycare colds -- what do you do?), but I’m back on track and so excited about what’s coming soon!

A Duke for Daisy was released at the end of April, and I’m so excited by the response it has received! Here is a snippet from one Amazon reviewer: “The characters are authentic, believable and so realistic with depth and traits that blend and play off one another perfectly. The scenes are so graphic and detailed it paints a fantastic backdrop that really makes the storyline pop. Incredible job Ellie, thanks for sharing this little gem with us.”

Coming up next is Lady of Providence, the third book in my Unconventional Ladies series! I know many of you have greatly anticipated Elizabeth’s story, and it will be here May 28th! If you’d like to buy it for 99 cents, now is the time as it is currently on pre-order.

As always, I have included sales and new releases from many of my author friends! New is the steaminess rating, as I had a couple of requests for this. They can be subjective, so please use them as a guide, and as always, double check the description page and price.

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