Daisy and Nathaniel's story is here!


Lately, I've been wanting to write more books that take place outside of London, away from the Season and the nobility. Some ideas began to take shape, and here we are with a new series!

Yes, there is a duke in this one... but the duke himself doesn't exactly make his true identity common knowledge. 

This is the first book in The Blooming Brides series! These are the stories of four sisters who are the daughter of an innkeeper in a small seaside town. 

I hope you love Daisy and Nathaniel's story as much as I loved writing it.

(I have been asked about whether there is more to come in The Unconventional Ladies series -- Yes! Watch for the third book next month). 

This is a fun novella that my review team has been loving, and it's only 99 cents! It is also available free with Kindle Unlimited. You can find more about it below.

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