Did you miss Lionel and Marie’s story?

Duke-of-Christmas (2).jpg

Good morning! (or afternoon, depending on where you are and when you're reading this).

From November until the end of January, Duke of Christmas was available as part of the Seduced Under the Mistletoe box set. Now that the set is retired, I have released Duke of Christmas as a standalone book!

The book is the prequel to the Searching Hearts series, and tells the story of Lionel and Marie, the parents of the Harrington siblings, upon whom the Searching Hearts series is based. Theirs is a fiery tale and one that I had so much fun writing!

While I wrote the series, Lionel and Marie began as simply secondary characters, but the more I wrote, the more they began to grow on me, and I felt the need for their own story to be told.

I'm so happy it is now out in the world! If you didn’t read it as part of the set, now is the time. The book is only 99 cents, and will be part of Kindle Unlimited until September.

I hope you love it!

With love,