Anne & Christopher


I am so thrilled to reveal the cover of my next book! Because the Earl Loved Me will be released in just two weeks! It is coming to you one week earlier than initially planned, and I can hardly wait for you to read it. It is the story of Lady Anne Finchley and Christopher Anderson, the Earl of Merryweather. Read all about it:

Desire for drama...

Known by all as a beauty with a haunting, hypnotic voice, Anne Finchley has always longed for more than marriage to a nobleman. She dreams of gracing the stage as an actress, an occupation unheard of for the daughter of a duke. But a chance meeting at a country theatre changes her fate forever.

Perfectly planned...

The Earl of Merryweather, Christopher Anderson, pre-determines every moment of his life, carefully calculating every decision -- including marriage to the sister of the Duke of Breckenridge. When he begins his courtship, however, everything goes awry, as nothing about her fits his expectations.

A shocking incident that changes everything...

When Anne suffers an accident and must rely on Christopher for help, she turns his life upside down. Despite his inflexible ways, Anne finds herself falling for the man she once rejected, but now it may be too late, as the resulting scandal and upheaval may prove to be too much for  Christopher to overcome. Everything is telling them they are wrong for one another -- but then why does being together feel so right?

 Before you head on over to check out the book on Amazon, I’ll leave you with a historical fun fact from my current work in progress. In one of my upcoming novels, our heroine has to climb up to reach the ceiling. How does she get there? Well, as it turns out, ladders are not exactly a new invention -- they were found as far back as over 10,000 years ago! In the Regency era, they would have been in homes for a few purposes. You could find bed steps where some of the nobility had beds quite high off the floor. Not very romantic, and not in every home, however. Library steps or stairs would have been the most common, in order to reach those high shelves. They were typically constructed almost like a staircase -- they didn't fold but rather had construction at the back to keep them steady. And when required, you could certainly find a ladder more typical to what we know today.

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