Christmas stories!

I can hardly believe we are at the end of August! Here in Canada kids go back to school at the beginning of September, but I know it’s even earlier in many other places.


Even though it’s still summer, I have been deep into researching and writing Christmas stories! One is a Christmas novella that will be part of a multi-author box set, and another a standalone Christmas novel. Members of my Facebook group have provided some input into the characters, and it has been so much fun to write.

It wouldn't be Christmas without a little gift, would it? I saw that The Wicked One by Danelle Harmon is free today! It's one of my favorite historical romances, so I highly recommend it.

While I have so much fun Christmas information to share, August may be a bit early yet. So today let's discuss consummation of the marriage and annulments. Unlike you may sometimes hear, non-consummation was not grounds for annulment. There were only three grounds for annulment: identity fraud; incompetence (one person being underage (21) without her parent's consent or insane); or impotence, which was an interesting one to prove.

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