Our next Happily Ever After


Happy Tuesday! As I teased you last week, I am busy working away on the next book in my Happily Ever After series. IN FACT, I just sent it to my editor last week! This book is about Rosalind, who you met in He’s a Duke, But I Love Him. Our hero is William Elliott, also known as Olivia’s friend “Billy.” When I began writing this book, I knew that Rosalind was not the strong-willed woman Olivia was. She was a bit more hesitant, a bit quieter, and slowly I realized that she was just like me! You would think this would make her an easy character to write, but in fact, it almost made it more difficult. I know you all love a strong woman, and I promise that she is strong; her strength is of a different sort, and her journey to realize that she is a capable, independent woman is one that will have you rooting for her. I’ll share more in the coming weeks as we get closer to a release date.

Now that the book is to the editor, I have begun working on my next story! In reviews for Hope of Romance, many of you noted your hope for Daniel's story. Well, good news! I have just finished the outline, and I am REALLY excited to write this one. Sparks are going to fly!

Have a wonderful week, everyone.

With love,


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