I’d love to know…


Awhile ago, we discussed this in a newsletter and survey, but many new readers have joined since then! I have found Regency readers have fairly varied tastes on the steaminess of their books. So I would like to know more about what you think! Click below what best describes you:

I prefer to read books with some steamy love scenes.

It doesn’t matter to me.

I prefer sweet and wholesome stories without steamy love scenes.

Thank you for letting me know!

I am so happy to have met all of you who have joined our Facebook group! If you haven’t yet joined, see the link below. I would so love to have you with us.

I would also like to know what you think of He’s a Duke, But I Love Him. I am absolutely humbled by all of the amazing reviews and it’s place on Amazon’s bestseller lists. Thank you all so much! If you have read and haven’t had the chance to review, I would love for you to do so!

With love,


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