Hope of Romance


Happy spring! Well, that is, happy spring to those of you on the same side of the world as me, and to those of you have actually seen spring. We just received 4 inches of snow this weekend! However, once spring does come, and it will, I will be that much more grateful.

Lots to get to today!

First of all, thank you so much for your input on the dress for my next cover. I can tell you that ?? % of you chose the gold dress, so that’s what we are going with! My cover designer is hard at work.

On that note … I have finally chosen a title! If you have read my newsletters or social media posts before, you will know that I find it harder to choose a title that write a book lol. But, I am pleased to tell you that the next book of my Searching Hearts series, Polly Harrington’s story, will be titled Hope of Romance.

Polly’s hero is Lord Sebastian Taylor, who you met as Joshua Greville’s good friend in Clue of Affection. And the inspiration for Lord Taylor is the man in the photo, Josh Holloway. A little rugged, but a sexy rugged, of course.

We are inching ever closer to the pre-order for this book, and I am excited to continue sharing more about it with you.

We are coming up to a long weekend here, and I hope you all are able to enjoy it. If you’re looking for some new reads, I have a few giveaways below for you to check out.

Have a lovely week!

With love,


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