We’d love to have you with us…


Our Facebook group is now live! I’m really excited about having another means to get to know you all better. The group is called, for now, Ellie’s Ever Afters, and is a for all of my readers as well as anyone who loves Regency Romance!

This is a place where we can get to know one another and discuss all of our heroes and heroines, talk about your favorite characters and let us know who you would love to see in future books!

We have a few "themed" posts, but this group is yours to post what you'd like. When you join, you will see a video I made telling you a bit more about me. We would love to hear more about you as well, however you’d like to post it!

I would also just love to know what you think of He’s a Duke, But I Love Him. I am absolutely humbled by all of the amazing reviews and it’s place on Amazon’s bestseller lists. Thank you all so much!!

With love,


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