Happy Valentine's Day!

If you enjoy reading my books, that tells me that you must be something of a hopeless romantic, as I am. What does that really mean, to be a hopeless romantic? To me, it simply means that you believe in love. And what is so wrong with that?

Tomorrow, we celebrate love on Valentine’s Day, but as avid romance readers, I like to think we are lucky enough to experience and celebrate love each and every day. For me, books have always been my happy place. They have been somewhere I can escape to when I feel overwhelmed by the “real world,” and they are also somewhere I can enjoy myself in moments of peace and relaxation.

I would like to share with you a bit of the research that goes into each of my books. I often look to both actors for physical inspiration or save items of historical fact that go into the plot line. I’ve saved much of this in pinterest board, so you can learn more about the thoughts behind each book. I hope you enjoy seeing inside my crazy mind! You can check out the boards at the link below. Enjoy!

And guess what -- only one more week until He’s a Duke, But I Love Him is released! I can hardly wait. :)

With love,


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