Ravishing Regencies Kickstarter Means You Can Decide the Plot!

Today we welcome Emily Murdoch, historical romance author, who has just launched her first Kickstarter campaign that gives readers the chance to get rewards, name characters, and make plot decisions!

Ravishing Regencies Kickstarter.png

Hi Emily! Tell us a little about yourself.

Hello there! I am an author who writes in the medieval, Regency, and Western eras and I live just down the road from Bath, England. I absolutely love cheese which I use as a writing reward if I’m having a tough day, and I’m starting to get a bit obsessive with the number of books I’m buying!

What makes Ravishing Regencies such a unique opportunity for readers?

I absolutely loved those books that you had as children, where you got to choose your own adventure! Each page had a decision, and you wandered through the tale trying to survive, find treasure, or solve puzzles. If you loved that just as much as I did, then Ravishing Regencies is your chance to do exactly that with Regency romance! I am running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for publishing the books, and rewards for supporting include naming characters, and making plot decisions for them!

Who is your favourite character in the series?

I think it has to be Teresa. Miss Teresa Metclafe is actually based on a friend of mine (who shall remain anonymous!), and in her book, Drenched with a Duke, she finds herself the unlikely host of Alexander, the Duke of Caershire, after he saves her from drowning. She’s fiery, witty, and completely determined to get her own way. What’s not to love?

Not all of us have heard about Kickstarter before – can you explain it a little?

Sure thing! Kickstarter is a website where creators can find people to support their creations! It’s packed with artists, authors, and other artisans who have fantastic ideas, but not the money to see them through. By pledging a certain amount, the supporters gain unique rewards, and if the campaign is successful then it receives all the money that the creator needs.

What happens if you don’t receive the full funds?

If the target is not reached, then no one is charged anything. I’m asking for £1500 for the eight novella series, which is less than £190 per novella! I am really hoping that Regency romance lovers will join my Ravishing Regencies Team to bring these books to life.

What is your favourite reward?

I think it has to be the naming of a character; names have such power over characters, and I am happy to slightly change the way that characters act and speak once my special backers have chosen them, and that collaborative experience is going to be so exciting!

Thank you so much, Emily, for spending time with us today. Good luck with your Ravishing Regencies Kickstarter!

Author Bio:

Emily Murdoch is a historian and writer. Throughout her career so far she has examined a codex and transcribed medieval sermons at the Bodleian Library in Oxford, designed part of an exhibition for the Yorkshire Museum, worked as a researcher for a BBC documentary presented by Ian Hislop, and worked at Polesden Lacey with the National Trust. She has a degree in History and English, and a Masters in Medieval Studies, both from the University of York. Emily has a medieval series, a Regency novella series, and an 1840s Western series published, and is currently working on several new projects.


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