Wonder Women

This weekend I took a break from cheesy Christmas movies and watched Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot. I know, it’s been out forever, but I don’t seem to find much time to watch movies -- too many books to read!

I love a strong female protagonist and it got me thinking of my own heroines. The case can be made -- and often is -- that the typical Regency woman didn’t show a lot of strength. However, my characters aren’t necessarily the norm. They are woman who may have stood out, and gone above and beyond what is expected of them.

Some of my heroines are outwardly strong and powerful -- like Eleanor in Quest of Honor. Others, like Isabel in Once Upon a Duke’s Dream, have an inner strength that set them apart. I’d love to know your favorite female in character, in one of my books or another you’ve read. Email me back or head on over to my facebook page, where I’ve noted who mine are!

With love,


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