Meet our next hero and heroine...

One more week, and it is time for Roderick & Gwen’s story! As always, I have saved some of my favorite ideas in a pinterest board. Pictured are the inspirations for our characters, but I would also love you to see the gorgeous photos of Aldourie, near Loch Ness, where our story takes place. You can find it all here

There was so much to research for this book, as always. Of course I knew about outlaws in the west, but I wasn’t entirely sure about outlaws in the 1880s, nor about outlaws in Canada as opposed to the United States. Place names are something else that have been interesting research. For example, our story begins in Canada (but quickly moves to Scotland -- never fear). Except at the time, our setting is actually what was then known as the Northwest Territories. The town of Fort Qu’Appelle was then called Qu’Appelle, whereas today’s Qu’Appelle was called Troy. Confused yet? Never fear, you don’t have to know any of this to read the book.

I would love for you to pre-order for only 99 cents. The links are below!

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