McDougall fans, rejoice!


The Highlander’s Call (the sweet and wholesome version of Treasures of the Wind, the third book in my McDougalls series), is now available for pre-order! If you have been waiting for this version and would like to get an idea of my inspiration for the series, be sure to check out my pinterest board here! In the meantime, if you need to catch up, you have two weeks until the book comes out to read the first two in the series, which can be found below under The McDougall Family.

I have also finished outlining the fourth book in the series, and I am so excited to write it! I think Roderick may be my favorite brother, and his story is one that will be tons of fun, with lots of sparks between him and his heroine. It will answer his desire for something more while at the same time be primarily set in Scotland, as you all are wishing for.

In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying your spring! I have some recommended reads below for you to curl up with as you soak up the sunshine, and a few giveaways with lots of options for you. A couple of the giveaways have a bit of a higher heat level, so just be sure you are interested in the books as described before downloading.

Love always,


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