Your Hero and Heroine


This week’s newsletter is short and sweet as I have been very busy with family and working away on my upcoming books!

I realized that I have been remiss in sharing with you the inspiration for the characters in the third book of the McDougalls story! The steamy version is Treasures of the Wind, now available, and the upcoming sweet and wholesome version will be released May 9th. This version now has a title! It will be The Highlander's Call, and I am very excited to share the cover with you next week. 

Our hero's inspiration is Robbie Amell, who I first saw in The Flash TV show (yes, I love superheroes). Our heroine's inspiration is none other than Emma Watson, who we all grew to love in Harry Potter but who I loved in her role as Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Did you not love that movie?

You can see more inspiration, of course, through my pinterest page. Since this was suggested to me by other authors, I have just loved having a board of all of my research in one place. It is easy to refer to and I love to share it with you.

Love always and enjoy,


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