A Book Fair for you!


Instead of emailing you on Wednesday this week, I am sending out a special weekend email!

The reason is that I am part of a wonderful romance book fair, that is open this weekend only. You can see the link below for more details.

Also to note, the first reading suggestion below is free on Amazon. 

As for what else is happening in my writing world, I am currently working on the sweet and wholesome edition of the third book in my McDougall series. It will be released on May 23rd! In the meantime, I am also beginning to work on the fourth book in the series, which will be Roderick’s story! I love Roderick -- I think he might be my favorite of all the brothers. I have something for the mischievous sort of man. However, I can’t quite decide on where he will find himself…. We know he longs to go west, but at the same time, perhaps he just needs to find the right woman to make him appreciate the Highlands. What do you think?

I hope the rest of your weekend is absolutely wonderful!

Love always and enjoy,


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