Printed or electronic?


I probably shouldn’t admit this, as I make a living primarily off of e-book sales but…. I love nothing more than the feeling of a printed book in my hands. There’s something about the texture of it, the weight of it, that brings me such joy!

However, I do find that the majority of books I read now are e-books. I have a subscription to Kindle Unlimited, so there is a lot of value to e-books. They are also delivered immediately to my reader with the click of a button, and are easy to transport -- in fact, I can read from my phone anytime I have a wait!

I’m curious -- what do you prefer? Answer through the thread on my Facebook page!

And for those of you who enjoy sweet and wholesome reads, don’t forget that next week is the release of The Chieftain’s Duty, the second book in The McDougall Family series!

Also a quick reminder that you can enter to win a $25 Amazon gift card through the Love For All Times trilogy contest. I’ve added some page numbers to help you! If you’ve already answered, feel free to go back and revise your answers or re-submit.

Love Always,


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