The majestic Highlands


As I research for my McDougalls series, I always fall more and more in love with the location they live in. Galbury Castle is near the village of Aldourie, in the Highlands of Scotland, of course. The McDougalls live next to the famed Loch Ness, and for the past couple of books the lake has been the setting for more than once scene.

In my upcoming book (which now has a title, Treasures of the Wind), or the first time we get to see the Highlands through the eyes of an outsider, our heroine, Rebecca. I’ve written it with the awe I feel myself when I think of the amazing landscapes. We also meet the family through someone who has never made their acquaintance before, which is fresh and fun. I can hardly wait to share the next book with you! Treasures of the Wind, the steamy version of Book 3, will be out April 4th. The sweet and wholesome version will follow shortly thereafter.

For more McDougalls, see the books below. For those of you who enjoy the steamy versions be sure to check out The McDougalls. The sweet and wholesome versions are The McDougall Family. Have you read the newly released The Chieftain’s Duty? Did you enjoy it?

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