Victorian Fashions


As I mentioned last week, I love research! In my next novel, the third in the McDougalls series, the majority of the story takes place in the Highlands, of course. However our lovely heroine is a fashion-loving Englishwoman, which means much research on Victorian-era dress had to be done!

Of course the Victorian era covers a long span of time, from 1837 until 1901 -- from when Queen Victoria ascended the throne until her death. Focusing, then, on the 1880s, provides some need for creativity as there were actually differing fashions of the time. Dresses were often highly ornamented, with textures, ruffles, and accessories. At the same time, more women than ever before were working and taking part in physical activity, and so required clothing that allowed for movement.

The bustle returned in the 1880s, growing from early in the decade until about 1886, before decreasing in size again. The same occurred with skirts -- they were narrow at the beginning of the period, then widening until narrowing once more.

Of course, all are rather beautiful -- wouldn’t you love to wear one?

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