Fun facts about power in the 1880s

I hope everyone is having an absolutely wonderful week. I have exciting news to share -- I have just completed my first draft of the next book in my McDougalls series! It will feature Adam, who meets an Englishwoman that completely surprises him.


On that note, I know many of you have been wondering what is next in store from me. I am more than happy to share. Here are some tentative dates for my next releases. They are, of course, subject to change, but I will do my very best.

March 14 -- The Chieftain’s Duty (Book 2 of the McDougall Family; the sweet & wholesome version of Promises of Sunlight).

April 4 -- Book 3 of The McDougalls - Adam's story

May 23 - Book 3 (the sweet & wholesome version) of The McDougall Family

July 18 - Book 4 of The McDougalls - Roderick's story

September 5 - Book 4 (the sweet & wholesome version) of The McDougall Family

October 31 - Book 5 of The McDougalls - Peggy's story

December 5 - Book 5 (the sweet & wholesome version) of The McDougall Family

And after that, well, we will see! I promise to survey you to see what you may be interested in, whether that be more time travel, more Highlanders, or something altogether different!

Adam's story has been really interesting to write, with a ton of interesting research. Our time period, the 1880s, is when electricity began to become more commonplace, and I have had some fun with it. At that time, power plants were just beginning to come into being in London. They burned coal to power steam turbines. Electricity was also beginning to arrive in some of the Scottish cities such as Edinburgh. I am excited to share more with you in my coming book!

Don’t forget that you can enter to win a $25 Amazon gift card through the Love For All Times trilogy contest. I’ve added some hints to help you find the answers! If you’ve already answered, feel free to go back and re-submit.

Love Always,


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