Storylines we love … and those we don't

In every genre of fiction, there are particular “tropes,” as we call them -- familiar storylines that readers enjoy, but are told in different ways.

So a guilty pleasure of mine is superhero shows. I love movies and TV shows of vigilantes and heroes wearing capes. Recently in one of the shows, a character is wrongfully accused of murder. He’s innocent, of course, but I can see that this is going to drag out alll season line. I do not enjoy the wrongfully accused storyline at all -- never have.

This made me think, of course, about books and my own writing. In historical romance, there are familiar tropes or storylines. My personal favorite (perhaps you can tell if you’ve read some of my books), is marriage of convenience. I don’t enjoy secret identity tropes when they go on far too long and no longer serve a purpose.

Are there any you enjoy, or some that really bother you?

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