Christmas is Coming...

The Christmas season is now in full swing in our home! I love Christmas and feel like it’s never too early to begin preparations. My lovely graphic designer made a beautiful new header / cover photo for me -- I hope you like it!

I would have loved to have written a Christmas book for you, but it wasn’t in the cards this year, as most of my books are set in Scotland where, interestingly, Christmas only became a holiday in 1958, ending an over 400-year ban.

The season was celebrated as the Yule in Scotland until the Scottish Reformation of 1560. Once Scotland split from the Catholic Church, feast days and church holidays were less likely to be celebrated, and Christmas was eventually banned. An Act of Scottish Parliament in 1640 officially abolished the Yule season, which was enforced by law.

Instead, the Scottish celebrated Hogmany, a time to celebrate new life. The McDougall family recognizes the holiday in my book, Promises of Sunlight. Hogmany remains a significant celebration in Scotland, however Christmas traditions have also returned.

What are your favorite Christmas traditions? Answer on my facebook page!

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