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Audrey Adair spent her childhood reading through the various sections at the library, and her love for books has continued throughout her life. 

She studied English and History in college before completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism. She wrote feature magazine articles and non-fiction books before discovering her true love of writing historical romance.

She has a soft spot for the rough and tumble men of history -- the pirates, the rakes, and most especially the Highlanders, and loves the power of a strong woman.
Audrey finds intrigue and romance in every time period, from the ancient Egyptians to 20th-century pioneers.

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Love for All Times

The McDougalls (Steamy Versions)

The McDougall Family (Sweet & Wholesome Versions)



Wonderful job.

“A feisty heroine whose life has been turned upside down by loss? Time travel to Scotland's past? A sexy-and-sweet romance? A dash of treachery? These are all things I adore, and Ms. Adair did a wonderful job of weaving this tale of love between Jaime and Alec. I also enjoyed the subtle humor throughout. And who doesn't love a happy, satisfying ending? I hope to read more of Ms. Adair's work in the future.”

— Crshore

Plenty of Action & Adventure!

“Hearts Of Starlight by Audrey Adair is a fantastic read. Ms Adair has given us a book that is well-written and fun to read. I totally love the characters in this story. Sassy and strong-willed Victoria and lovable Callum are a joy to discover. There is plenty of action and adventure, drama and humor, suspense and spice to keep readers glued to this story. I enjoyed this book from cover to cover and look forward to reading more from Audrey Adair in the future. Hearts Of Starlight is book 1 of The McDougalls Series but can be read as a standalone.”

— Deb D.

Wished it was not over!

“I just finished reading Hearts of Starlight and really enjoyed the story. It was very romantic and the plot kept you guessing right until the end. I could not put the story down until I reached the end and then I wished it was not over. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good romantic story with a little intrigue added to the mix. Enjoy!”

— craftylady


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