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Loved by the Viscount

Newly widowed Rosalind Branson no longer trusts men of society. And yet when William Elliott, Viscount of Shandol, enters her life, she has trouble pushing aside her growing attraction for him. With nowhere else to go, she accepts an invitation to his house party, and they are surprised by their developing feelings for one another. Their growing attraction, however, is tested by Rosalind’s mistrust of men, William’s former attachment to Lady Olivia, and his mother and brother who conspire against her. Can they overcome all that stands between them to find love?  


The Highlander's Call

Rebecca Trenton yearns to expand her horizons and accompanies her father on a hunting trip to the Scottish Highlands. There, she meets Adam McDougall, who wants nothing more than his family, his home, and the solitude of his Highland life. When the two find themselves inexplicably drawn to one another, can they overcome all obstacles to find their destiny?