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He's a Duke, But I Love Him

Lady Olivia Jackson has despaired of ever finding the man she is searching for -- a man who will allow her the freedom to live life as she pleases. Alastair Finchley, newly minted Duke of Breckenridge, is determined to maintain his rakish ways despite his new role and deep debt. When Olivia and Alastair renew their acquaintance, they are shocked by the depths of their desire for one another. They each determine, however, that giving in is not worth the potential consequences -- or is it?


The Scot's Vow

Victoria Brighton refuses to be a pawn in a sham of a marriage to a powerful duke, escaping across the ocean. She meets Callum McDougall, a future Highlander chieftain intent on finding his missing cousin. With a future continents apart, will they succeed in denying their growing feelings for one another, or will love prevail?